The Importance of Accountability: An Education Expert

Nov 14, 2023

A cornerstone of EntrepreNew Pathways is the participation of real-world entrepreneurs. These individuals come from varied backgrounds and experiences to share their knowledge, expertise, and support to students.

One such individual is Clinton Day, whose career as an author, entrepreneur and educator spans nearly 5 decades. His vast knowledge and experience has been critical to his mentee and to the program.

Read on to discover Clinton’s perspective on the EntrepreNew Pathways program through the lens of his vast experience in entrepreneurship education.

From Serial Entrepreneur to Education Expert

First, a little about Clinton’s entrepreneurial journey and background as an educator.

Clinton’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. He founded three successful companies in Florida and Georgia before transitioning into entrepreneurship education.

His transition into entrepreneurship education began at the State College of Florida in Bradenton, where he established the entrepreneurship program there. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, where he contributes to the advancement of entrepreneurship education.

He is also passionate about mentoring active military members and veterans, further enhancing their skills in the field. Clint’s journey reflects a deep dedication to fostering entrepreneurial growth and success.

The Essence of Entrepreneurial Learning

For Clinton, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in students is paramount. 

“EntrepreNew focuses on the entrepreneurial mindset which is something that other k-12 programs don’t do… that’s really the essence of entrepreneurship learning right now.”

The program’s focus on this aspect sets it apart from many other initiatives, ensuring that students are not just equipped with tools but also the right mindset to navigate the real world.

“High School juniors and seniors are at the perfect age to develop the mindset effectively…they aren’t set in their ways yet; they’re flexible and resilient enough to grow that mindset well.”

Mentorship Made Meaningful with Accountability and Structure

One of the most impactful features of the EntrepreNew program, according to Clinton, is its emphasis on accountability and structure. Regular meetings between mentors and mentees across a school year enhances the value of the program.

Additionally, providing both the mentor and student with a clear set of expectations and discussion prompts that deep-dive into a topic critical to entrepreneurship enriches the program exponentially.

“The interaction between mentor and mentee is richer and more meaningful because of the structure of the materials and the regularity of the meetings.”

Unlike many other programs, EntrepreNew provides a clear plan for each mentorship session. Specific topics are outlined for discussion, which is quite unique. The selected discussion topics contribute to what sets this program apart. It strikes a balance, providing enough guidance for an effective mentorship journey.

Final Thoughts

Given his experience and frequent opportunity to participate in programs aimed at developing entrepreneurs, I asked Clinton why he’s chosen to participate in the local EntrepreNew Pathways program year over year.

“It’s a real quality program and it just jumped out at me… I felt like it was something I’d be able to do well… and as far as high school goes it’s simply the best program I’ve seen.”


About Clint Day

Clint Day is a former serial entrepreneur (insurance agencies) who morphed into an entrepreneurship professor starting the program at State College of Florida, professionally qualifying as a business school AACSB instructor, writing the Entrepreneurship Quick Study Guide in most college bookstores, and publishing the Current in Entrepreneurship guide found on the startup hub setyourownsalary.com. He was awarded the NACCE, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship President’s Silver Star in 2019.


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