The Future of Education

How can schools best prepare their students for the future? Research indicates that rethinking education to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and provide real-world learning experiences will bring together students, parents, educators, employers and other stakeholders to ensure that all students have the skills needed for life and learning after high school and beyond. This is what we've built into the EntrepreNew Pathways experience.


Students learn from, and work side-by-side with entrepreneurs to gain invaluable real-world experience.


Students engage in two years of comprehensive programming to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. (junior and senior year)


Students learn the critical skills necessary to adapt to constantly shifting variables in the professional world.


Entrepreneurs need to know how to solve problems. Through this program, students work on their problem-solving skills by identifying a need or problem and creatively finding a solution.


Students gain the confidence and skills necessary to compete in any traditional career field or go on to college, setting them up for success.


Mentors meet regularly with individual students, delivering the guidance they need in professions that interest them.

Are you interested in learning more?

Whether you're a student who is interested in starting your own business, a parent of a student who has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit or an educator looking for guidance on developing lessons that embed entrepreneurship into your education program, we've got you covered. Please fill out the information below to learn more about the EntrepreNew Pathways program.

Signature Partners

EntrepreNew is an innovative and immersive program for students who are interested in learning about creating their own businesses. Developed by the Woodridge Local School District in partnership with the City of Cuyahoga Falls, the Burton D. Morgan Foundation and the Six District Educational Compact, the program engages students to explore options to take ideas and turn them into a successful reality.

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