How do I get started?

First, check out our onboarding video! It’s brief (only 8 minutes!) but full of useful information on how to get started with both EntrepreNew Pathways and EntrepreNew Metnor Maps (for CTE teachers). If you still have questions on implementation that aren’t answered in onboarding or later on this page, reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

How much does it cost?

EntrepreNew Pathways and EntrepreNew Mentor Maps are available to you for free thanks to the generous financial support of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation.

What materials will I need?
None! Both programs have been meticulously designed to offer a self-contained solution. This includes comprehensive teacher guides, business partner guides, student projects, and all necessary supporting resources. There is no need to find or develop additional resources or materials.
What’s the intended format? Can the program be taught remotely?

Both EntrepreNew programs were designed to be used primarily in-person. However, with minimal modifications, they can be seamlessly adapted into a fully virtual setting (as the program’s documents can be easily shared on popular virtual learning management systems). During the pilot phase, much of the materials were successfully implemented remotely due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What grade levels is EntrepreNew meant for?

EntrepreNew Pathways and Mentor Maps are both intended for students in grades 10-12.

I don’t want digital documents, can I print them?

Yes, each document can be printed for use.

I don’t teach CTE - can I still use these programs?

Certainly! While EntrepreNew Mentor Maps are designed to assist Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers in integrating entrepreneurship into their classrooms, EntrepreNew Pathways is suitable for any high school educator working with grades 10-12, regardless of their subject area.

Whether you teach English, math, science, social studies, or any other discipline, you can incorporate entrepreneurial elements into your curriculum using EntrepreNew Pathways. The program offers a flexible framework that empowers you to infuse entrepreneurial concepts and skills, enriching the educational experience for your students.

Do I have to use all of the required resources listed in the materials?

The required resources mentioned in the materials have been carefully chosen to enhance the teaching of the EntrepreNew Pathways and EntrepreNew Mentor Maps programs. These resources are aligned with the program’s goals, but you have the flexibility to adjust them to match the unique requirements and dynamics of your classroom.

Can I make changes to or personalize documents in EntrepreNew?

Absolutely! Our programs were designed with user-friendliness in mind. If a document should be edited, such as a table with meeting dates, it is editable. However, it’s worth noting that extensive modifications are usually not necessary for most resources. Certain information, like exam materials or standardized content, may be exempt from customization to maintain program integrity.

I need help building my speaker series/mentor program/problem-solving workshop, etc.

Training and support for EntrepreNew is available to you in two ways:

  • Training sessions are available through the
  • Additional support, including custom implementation services, keynote speaking, professional development opportunities, and desk-side support as you implement your EntrepreNew program, are available through StartUpTradeUp.
Can I adjust the pacing of Entreprenew Pathways’ lessons?

Definitely! The EntrepreNew Pathways program is a year-long immersive entrepreneurship experience. However, we understand time constraints. You can review the program and select the components that best suit your classroom needs. This flexibility allows you to adapt the pace of instruction, ensuring an optimal learning experience for your students. (Resource 1. EntrepreNew Pathways Navigator gives an overview of all the Guidebooks and their lessons.)

Can EntrepreNew Pathways be used to supplement my current curriculum, or should it be used as the sole curriculum?

EntrepreNew Pathways is a comprehensive learning program, yet we recognize diverse educational contexts. Each guidebook can function as a standalone resource. This flexibility empowers educators to integrate specific guidebooks as supplements within their current curriculum or adopt the entire program as their entrepreneurship-focused curriculum.

Can I incorporate my own materials with EntrepreNew Pathways’ resources?

Certainly! However, note that the program is designed to be comprehensive, including complete lessons and resources. It offers a seamless framework for integration, allowing you to teach the entire program or select lessons relevant to your specific teaching goals and classroom dynamics.

Can I skip lessons or teach the Guidebooks in a different order?

Absolutely! Our program is adaptable to your needs. However, consider a few points if you plan to pick and choose lessons:

  1. Start with Guidebook 1, as it introduces foundational concepts.
  2. Guidebook 5’s Social Media Writing workshop introduces concepts revisited in Guidebooks 7, 9, and 10.
  3. Guidebook 9 and 10 are best taught in sequence, as 9 introduces a project continued in 10.
  4. For accurate assessment using Global Power Skills Checkpoints, teaching in order is recommended. Skills build progressively.

Bring EntrepreNew Pathways into Your Classroom!

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EntrepreNew is an immersive program that helps students develop real word entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial mindset in an innovative high school classroom setting. Developed by the Woodridge, OH Local School District in partnership with the City of Cuyahoga Falls, Burton D. Morgan Foundation and the Six District Educational Compact, the program is now administered by Young Entrepreneur Institute at University School.

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