Not all real-world scenarios or essential skills can be taught within classroom walls

Feb 15, 2024

That’s why it’s so truly rewarding when a student shares how the lessons and projects done with you have improved their experiences beyond the classroom. This is when you realize that you’ve equipped them with practical, real-world tools.

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss exactly this with Sarah S., a student in the EntrepreNew Pathways program. Sara faced a unique situation at her job and shared some insights into how the Global Power Skills developed within the course helped her navigate the experience.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Chang

Sara was working at a local restaurant, when the owners decided to sell the business. Undergoing this change in ownership, Sarah found herself at the intersection of classroom learning and real-world challenges. Sarah’s Global Power Skills were put to the test.

“Two weeks after I started working there again, ownership changed. So I got there, a week later got the manager position, and then helped a lot with the transition of ownership and training the new owners and staff.”

Harnessing Global Power Skills for Success

Sarah shared how she used many of the Global Power Skills developed in-class to succeed in this transition. Adaptability, networking and relationship-building, critical thinking, and communication were particularly important for her.

On applying these skills, Sara had this to say:

Adaptability and Networking

“I needed to use adaptability a lot, … If I had a question about specific stuff in the business, I didn’t really have anyone to contact. So just trying to figure that out together. A big part of answering these questions was being able to go to other small businesses and learn from them; taking what you learn from each person and each business you go to and trying to figure out how to use that at the restaurant.”

Critical Thinking

“I used [critical thinking] a lot…if a customer has a problem, figuring out how to solve it; if a worker can’t come in, trying to find someone else we can bring in for the shift or change positions for the shift (because most employees are trained on everything).”

Sarah also emphasized the importance of communication and professionalism in her role, where balancing the dual role of being a friend and a boss to her peers required a delicate balance.

“Communicating the schedules to everyone…making sure it’s very clear who’s coming in, and what position you’re working when you come in. And professionalism … knowing what to wear to work, making sure you’re dressed professionally, being professional with customers and employees, even when there’s a conflict. This could be especially hard for me because I’m younger than pretty much all of my employees.”

Preparing for a Bright Future

As Sarah looks ahead to her future, she’s excited about applying the skills she gained from EntrepreNew to her college education and beyond. With plans to major in business management, Sarah envisions herself not just working in the hospitality industry, but also exploring other avenues of entrepreneurship. Whether it’s running her own business or launching a side venture, she’s confident that the power skills she honed through EntrepreNew will continue to serve as her guiding compass.

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