Miranda Imperi / Social Media Writing Workshop

About the Instructor

Miranda Imperi is a nationally recognized marketing leader with more than a decade of experience in the marketing industry. Through their career in digital marketing, Miranda has worked to reinvent the way we think about marketing and advocates for a more customized approach to demographic targeting, focusing on individualized content creation and mindful strategy development. Miranda is especially passionate about educating business owners on taking control of their marketing tools and technology in order to protect their digital assets.

As the owner of a small business focused marketing agency, Marketing Juice, Miranda has helped more than 100 businesses with customized digital marketing strategies and website design. Miranda’s passion for supporting the small business owner comes from personal experience; they currently own and operate 2 businesses (Sense by the Falls and COOP 111) in addition to Marketing Juice, so they have an intimate understanding of the importance of small business management and marketing.

Outside of their career, Miranda is a parent, artist, and photographer. In their free time, Miranda enjoys spending time with their children and family and photographing the gorgeous Cuyahoga Valley National Park in their hometown of Cuyahoga Falls.

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Miranda Imperi

Marketing Juice

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