Mentorship and Entrepreneurial Growth: Insights from Amy Mucha, EntrepreNew Mentor

Sep 8, 2023

EntrepreNew Pathways students thrive thanks to the dedication and generosity of many entrepreneurs who volunteer their time as mentors. These mentors collaborate with a student over the course of the program, sharing their expertise and guiding the young entrepreneurs towards skill growth and success.

One such remarkable mentor, Amy Mucha, shared with me her perspective on entrepreneurship, her experience as a mentor, and the value of EntrepreNew Pathways.

From Classroom to Cake Pops

First, a little about Amy’s entrepreneurial journey and professional background.

Early in her career as a math teacher at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, Amy was gifted a cake-pop recipe book. Initially a fun hobby, it took a backseat with the arrival of her kids. A few years later, Amy found herself making cake pops as a treat for her children’s preschool classes. This time, she didn’t stop making cake pops; rather, she sat down with a student to sketch out a logo and Daisy Pops was born.

For several years, Amy continued to teach full-time at CVCA while growing her business; however, 2020 brought challenges and opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic altered the dynamics of teaching (taking away the personal interactions Amy liked most) while also increasing the demand for individually wrapped treats like her cake pops. In 2021, Amy retired from teaching to become an entrepreneur full-time.

The Power of Mentorship

Amy believes that mentorship plays a pivotal role in nurturing young entrepreneurs. As both an educator and an entrepreneur, Amy acknowledges the personal growth that comes with mentoring.

“I realized the importance of mentorship from teaching; we had mentor teachers to whom we could always pose questions. The same principle applies to business. I consider my husband my business mentor since he has been in the business world longer than I have.

It’s incredibly reassuring to know that when I encounter a situation or problem I’m unsure about, I have someone outside my immediate circle, even beyond my business realm, to seek advice from. Having that external perspective enriches my decision-making process.”

Maximizing Mentor-Mentee Interactions: The EntrepreNew Approach

Amy has been a mentor to local EntrepreNew students for two years. Reflecting on that experience, she credits the program’s materials for making mentor-mentee interactions meaningful without burdening the mentor.

The materials (primarily discussion prompts for students and mentors to work through) are provided to the mentor and mentee before each meeting, so they’re ready to hit the ground running when they get together.

“You and your mentee aren’t just sitting, staring at each other, twiddling your thumbs. The scope [of the conversations] is just perfect for high schoolers but also makes me think, too. Sometimes I think. ‘That’s a good question. I’ve got to come up with a better answer to that for my own business.’”

She also noted that EntrepreNew students generally come to class with a clear purpose, not just to skip other classes, but with a genuine desire to learn and participate.

Moreover, explaining concepts to her mentees has helped her hone her communication skills and convey her own business ideas more succinctly.

“I really enjoy building relationships with [students] and sharing what I’ve learned, including the mistakes that they should avoid making.”

Encouraging Participation

Amy wholeheartedly encourages other professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs to participate in EntrepreNew. She considers the experience a refreshing break from the routine, invigorated by the energy and creativity that young entrepreneurs bring to the table.

“It offers a positive experience all around. I get to learn alongside my mentees, and it’s been valuable.”

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