From Student to Entrepreneur: The Journey with Blue Ribbon Yard Care

Oct 24, 2023

In the vibrant community of Hudson, Ohio, Landon S., a young entrepreneur, navigates through the realms of business ownership, intertwining his journey with challenges, triumphs, and a heartfelt cause. His venture, Blue Ribbon Yard Care, is not merely a landscaping company but a beacon of social responsibility, pledging to donate part of its annual profits to colorectal cancer research.

Curious Student to Business Owner: Landon’s Unexpected Journey through EntrepreNew

Landon’s journey from an EntrepreNew student to a business owner is a tale of inspiration and unexpected turns. When he enrolled in the EntrepreNew program, Landon was a budding entrepreneur, eager to learn but unsure of his path. His initial aim was simple: learn about business operation and meet like-minded individuals. Little did he know, his participation in the program would not only grow his knowledge and connections, but would see him launch his business.

“I was really looking to meet new people and learn a lot more about business and how to operate a business, because I don’t really like working for other people. I like being my own boss. So EntrepreNew was definitely the path to take.”

Blue Ribbon Yard Care: A Tribute and a Promise

The name ‘Blue Ribbon Yard Care’ was crafted with care and personal connection, as Landon and his father conceptualized a business that would not only provide landscaping services but also support a cause close to their hearts. The blue ribbon symbolizes their commitment to donating a portion of the profits to colorectal cancer research, intertwining personal and social responsibility with business acumen.

Navigating Challenges with Ingenuity

Embarking on this entrepreneurial journey was not without its hurdles. Landon grappled with challenges like time management and worker shortages, familiar struggles for many business owners. His solution was a blend of meticulous planning and community networking. By scheduling clients and timing jobs efficiently, Landon ensured smooth operations. Meanwhile, his innovative approach to employee sharing with other local businesses showcased a clever adaptability, ensuring that Blue Ribbon Yard Care was always staffed with skilled individuals.

“A lot of the challenges were time management and finding workers. Those were the main struggles,” Landon shares candidly about his initial challenges.

The Impact of Mentorship and Learning

Landon’s mentor, Clinton Day, played a pivotal role in guiding him through the intricacies of business management, particularly in navigating the complexities of insurance in the landscaping industry. This mentorship, coupled with the practical assignments from the EntrepreNew program, such as identifying target audiences and tailoring marketing strategies, equipped Landon with the skills to not only launch his business but to see it thrive.

“He knew what he was talking about. He was in insurance and landscaping. You need a lot of insurance – general liability, workers’ comp, all of that. I’m working on getting it, but he was a big help to tell me what I needed and what I should be doing,” Landon speaks appreciatively of his mentor, Clinton.

Building Community and Future Aspirations

The EntrepreNew program was more than just a learning experience for Landon; it was a gateway to community and collaboration. From forming friendships with fellow students to networking with local business owners like Mike Wagner of Rubber City Landscaping, Landon was able to immerse himself in a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With aspirations to further his education at Kent State, specializing in business and entrepreneurship, Landon envisions a future where his educational pursuits and business endeavors harmoniously coexist. His excitement for the future is palpable as he looks forward to continuing to grow his business and explore the endless possibilities that entrepreneurship offers.

“Honestly, I’m excited to just keep running my landscaping business. I like to see how far I can grow it,” Landon shares, his eyes set firmly on the future.

A Testament to Perseverance and Growth

Landon’s story is not just a testament to his perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit but also a shining example of the impact of the EntrepreNew program. His journey from a student exploring the realms of entrepreneurship to a business owner contributing to a social cause is a narrative that will undoubtedly inspire many more students to carve out their own entrepreneurial paths.

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