Has your student expressed an interest in owning their own business?

Then he or she might be a great fit for EntrepreNEW! We understand that owning your own business can be hard – especially for young entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ve created the EntrepreNEW program. We want to help take some of the risk out of the concept of entrepreneurship for students who think differently than their peers. Through mentorship, direct business plan training, understanding funding and creating a network, we can help students with an innovative idea decide if it can be a successful opportunity. Students will also gain the confidence and skills necessary to compete in any traditional career field or go on to college. Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset will help any student be more successful in the future.

What parents need to know about

Woodridge Local School District, in partnership with the City of Cuyahoga Falls, Burton D. Morgan Foundation and the Six District Educational Compact, has launched an innovative entrepreneurship program. EntrepreNEW will engage our schools, local business community and local government so that we can all work together to mentor and develop our students in the spirit of economic development and community engagement.

EntrepreNEW is an immersive career-technical education program for students who are interested in learning about creating their own business. As part of this entrepreneurial program, students will work with the city of Cuyahoga Falls and business owners throughout Northeast Ohio to create, design, plan and prepare to launch a business. EntrepreNEW will focus on mentorship, trade-based entrepreneurship, resiliency, adaptability and changing workforce needs.

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation is investing $250,000 into EntrepreNEW over the next three years with the Morgan Scout Fund grant. EntrepreNEW programming will be located within the city of Cuyahoga Falls so that students can work side by side with entrepreneurs every day. As part of the Six District Educational Compact, EntrepreNEW will be open to students in Woodridge Local Schools as well as students in Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Kent, Stow-Munroe Falls and Tallmadge.

Course Information

  • Students will take two years of programming (their junior and senior year)
  • Embedded academic course credit in English and Math
  • College Credit will be available at a variety of colleges including:
    • Baldwin Wallace University
    • Case Western Reserve University
    • John Carroll University
    • Kent State University
    • Lorain County Community College

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Why encourage your student to apply for

Recent surveys and research regarding the American workforce and how schools can best prepare their students for the future led to the program’s development. The research indicates that rethinking education to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and provide real-world learning experiences will bring together students, parents, educators, employers and other stakeholders to ensure that all students have the skills needed for life and learning after high school and beyond. A World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report lists those needed skills as complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity while a recent national survey commissioned by the Kauffman Foundation also found that employers ranked communication, problem-solving, time management and self-management skills higher than subject-matter knowledge.

Research also indicates that more than half of adults, including parents, believe high school graduates are not “career-ready,” and this program will help address that issue to make sure our education system is relevant to the demands of the labor market, which is expected to be more entrepreneurial than traditional in the future.

The program aligns with the Woodridge Local School District’s strategic priorities to expand the pathway options for high school graduates. Additionally, the program is one of the outcomes of the Six District Educational Compact’s Plan for the Future.

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