Lessons Learned & Stipend Opportunity

Mar 15, 2021

EntrepreNEW is being developed as a mechanism to readily transition high school students into entrepreneurial careers. By creating immersive environments that provide students with opportunities to build power skills and robust networks, they are positioned to chart and navigate new paths to success.

The brainchild behind the program is superstar entrepreneurship educator Emily Kilgore-Knight. Not only is she piloting the program within the Six District Educational Compact, she is also creating guides for implementation that any educator can utilize free of charge.

As we continue to refine the program, we are hoping to enlist two educators to pilot the guides and provide feedback on how to improve. Stipends will be provided through the Dick Chenoweth Fund for Experiential Education at Akron Community Foundation. More details on this opportunity can be found in the application, which is due by April 15, 2021.

We look forward to continuing to shape the program throughout the next two years of the grant and have no doubt we will create something transformative for our region, and beyond.

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