Resiliency is defined by Merriam-Webster as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change.” It’s a cornerstone of the entrepreneurial mindset, or a way of thinking in which challenges become opportunities and mistakes become occasions for growth. A necessary quality in an entrepreneur, resiliency in the face of adversity has never been tested so strongly, or displayed as prominently, as throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

One industry facing particular hardship due to the pandemic is the event services industry.

“My company relies on large, social gatherings (like weddings, corporate events, etc.) … and in an instant, all of our foreseeable events were canceled or postponed,” says Bret T. Holden, owner of One T Entertainment, an entertainment services company.

So what did he do? He flexed his entrepreneurial muscles and resiliently forged ahead.

Turning Adversity into Opportunity

“We started promoting a service that we have always offered … with our outdoor movie nights,” said Holden. “By providing a large inflatable movie screen, projector, speakers or FM transmitter for the real ‘drive-in movie’ feel, we can support clients in hosting small social gatherings that promote social distancing and state-mandated guidelines while having fun. … I also opened a brand-new service, our Animated Explainer Videos. We create custom, animated, promotional videos for businesses as an inexpensive way for them to create new content during the pandemic.”

Looking forward to life post-COVID19, Holden plans to continue both services. He plans to continue his participation as one of EntrepreNEW’s business partners and mentors, too.

“(A program like EntepreNEW teaches) you skills and gives you experience to learn how to pivot your business or way of thinking,” Holden says. “No one was prepared for (COVID-19) … but being able to roll with the punches and … make the best of it works a lot better with practice and experience.”

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