One of the most unique aspects of the EntrepreNEW program is the network of business partners and community leaders collaborating with our educators to provide real-world experience and wisdom to our students. Who better to teach a budding entrepreneur how to grow from failure or the importance of having a clear vision and mission to shape your brand and your businesses growth than existing, successful entrepreneurs?

Take for example Nici Munyer, founder and creator of HARVEST Yoga + Wellness. Nici lives and breathes her yoga studio’s core values (curiosity, exploration, growth, connection and community) every day. Her vision for the studio is “HARVEST: Where community and connection come together,” and that vision permeates each activity the studio offers (yoga classes, community gatherings and collaborations with other local businesses) and supports. Talking with Nici, it’s easy to see why she’s been successful and how her community-focused mindset piqued her interest and desire to collaborate with EntrepreNEW. She is excited to share her real-world experience with the community’s aspiring young entrepreneurs.

What Should Students Know About Being an Entrepreneur?

“[With being an entrepreneur], it’s always connection and networking; it’s always in the start-up phase [and] it’s the existing phase of the business,” said Nici Munyer. “It’s finding other like-minded individuals who maybe share the same industry that you do and are willing to be vulnerable and share knowledge and wisdom and resources and contacts.

“We exist currently in a competition-over-community mindset, and I think it’s hopefully starting to shift. And, I want to be a part of that shift. Instead of competition over community, [shift to] community over competition. If we could come together collectively and realize that if one of us succeeds, then the rest of us succeed, I think we would be a much stronger small business community. Just having resources at your disposal, having contacts to help you, people who are there to show you how they did it and maybe what worked and what didn’t for them is such a valuable asset and tool when you’re just trying to figure things out on your own. If (sharing my experiences and knowledge) … can help ease the path of our young entrepreneurs … I want to be able to help with that.”

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