Do you want to learn how to run a company and be your own boss? EntrepreNEW will teach you the ins and outs of running a business while also providing a number of academic benefits that will set you up for success no matter what path in life you choose.

Setting Students Up for Success

The two-year EntrepreNEW program, open to students in Woodridge, Stow, Kent, Tallmadge, Stow-Munroe Falls and Hudson schools, is a unique educational opportunity that gives high school students a new pathway toward graduation and creates opportunities for their future. It is the perfect program for students who see and learn things differently rather than in the traditional classroom. This program will provide real-world experience. It will allow students to achieve their high school diploma while figuring out their life goals and dreams. Additionally, it also has a myriad of academic benefits too.

The Academic Benefits for the High School Student

One of the largest benefits to students is that the EntrepreNEW program accounts for seven high school credits – five in business, one in math and one in English. This is the total for the two years of the program. It keeps students on track to easily accumulate enough credits for graduation. Because it is a two-year program, current ninth- and tenth-grade students can apply.

EntrepreNEW will be graded on a 5.0 scale rather than the traditional 4.0 scale. There will not be traditional tests. Students will be evaluated on the mastery of entrepreneurial skills that will be taught by guest lecturers and on-the-job experience. With the 5.0 scale, students will be able to significantly increase their GPA.

Students in the EntrepreNEW program will earn college credits. As part of the Career Technical Education pathway through the Six District Compact, students who attend state colleges will be eligible to receive college credits. (However, the amount is yet to be determined.) EntrepreNEW is also working to set up articulation agreements with the Burton D. Morgan NEO Launch Net Schools. Those schools include Baldwin Wallace University, Case Western Reserve University, John Carroll University, Kent State University and Lorain County Community College. The programs are still being fleshed out but will allow for multiple college credits to be received at the start of the student’s college career.

Benefits Beyond High School

While the program has significant academic benefits, it also gives students opportunities beyond traditional education. They will learn first-hand from successful entrepreneurs what it takes to build a business from the ground up. The program will give students with an entrepreneurial mindset the support they need to achieve their dreams. The course will focus on the 10 skills that have been identified through research as critical to succeeding in the changing workforce. Those skills are complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision-making, service orientation, negotiation, and cognitive flexibility. By learning these necessary skills, students will be set up to succeed no matter their next step.

Stay tuned for more blogs covering the program, the 10 skills and so much more!